Law Office of Bomopregha A Julius
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About ME and the practice

I'm a native Harlemite with a passion for community service and community upliftment. I became interested in financial literacy when I worked for the D.C. Securities regulator while in law school. It was one project during my time there that made me aware that it did not matter how much consumer protection regulatory actions were enacted if people are unaware when they have been the victims of financial fraud. It was after this experience that I became dedicated to ensuring that I did everything to make sure her community was informed.

My interest in consumer protection and financial literacy led me to develop a practice dedicated to protecting assets through estate planning and helping people be intentional with their money. My interest in financial literacy also helped me to develop a corporate practice dedicated to assisting entrepreneurs and creatives to build their businesses from formation to protecting business assets through contracts.  

I hold a Juris Doctor from Northeastern University School of Law and her Bachelor of Arts in American Studies from Cornell University. I also currently practices real estate law in Brooklyn at the Law Office of Ann C. Northern.  


 Saving the world one indivdual and business at a time.

Saving the world one indivdual and business at a time.


Fun Facts

  • My favorite color is purple.
  • I am always looking for an adventure.
  • I am a Sag (December 13th).
  • I have run two halfs and a couple other races in recent time. I say I'm an aspiring athlete.
  • Family over everything including framily.
  • I love super heroes hence the pose.